Best Online Casino games in 2019

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The popularity of online casino games is steadily increasing in the United States. There are a number of States that have passed legislation to allow online gambling, and many others are likely to join them in the future.

This means that many more US residents can enjoy the variety of online gambling games available. This raises the question, ‘which are the best online casino games to play?’. In this review, we’ll look at casino games odds, the best casino strategies to employ and where you can find online casino tips. With our help, you will be able to easily find your favorite online gambling game.

Best Online Gambling Games

Online Casino Games Operator Bonus Rating
Roulette Betfair Casino Up To $2500 Deposit Bonus 5/5
Blackjack SugarHouse Up To $250 Deposit Bonus 4/5
Craps Borgata Casino Up To $600 Deposit Bonus 4/5
Slots Golden Nugget Up To $1000 Matched Bonus 5/5
Let It Ride Caesars Casino Up To $300 Free Bet 4/5


Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games to play. Its popularity lies mainly in the game’s simplicity. It’s easy for beginners to pick up tips and tricks and apply the best casino strategies to the wheel. With a little bit of online research, finding the right online casino is going to be simple. Finding good online casino tips is going to be more difficult.


Roulette may be popular, but Blackjack probably takes the crown as the most played online casino game. There are many versions of the game available to play online, each with a different set of rules.

The difference in rules means that some variations favor the player, some the dealer. Find the right blackjack table for you and you could find some of the best casino games odds around. Out of all the online casino tips, this one is very useful. You can immediately improve your chances of winning, solely by picking a better game for yourself.


Craps is a difficult online casino game for beginners to pick up. This shouldn’t put you off learning the basics, though. Popular with online gamers, Craps is listed as one of the best online casino games in the US.

A game using die rather cards, there are many possible bets. Learn the basics of this game and you could find yourself making some decent profit. It is no wonder it belongs to the group of best casino games.


Slots are a major attraction to any casino, whether on land or online. The best online casinos offer a fantastic range of slots, with many offering high jackpots for both new and existing customers.

It’s usual to win a little something on the slots, but it’s extremely difficult to win big prizes. Most online casinos games offer slots that require a very low stake. Many also offer free spin opportunities regularly. You can find online casino tips for many different slot games.

Let It Ride

Poker is another common online casino game to play, and Let It Ride is one of the most popular variations of the game. This game is available in most online casinos.

The beauty of Let It Ride, like most online casino games, is that the casino games odds are put on display. This means you don’t have to spend too much time working out what you stand to win, and the chances of a successful bet.

Online Casino

Which Casino Games Have The Best Odds

A vital aspect of becoming a successful gambler is to judge the odds on offer. Casino games odds can change dramatically. This is dependant on what game you’re playing and at what online casino. This is one of the most vital online casino tips you can get.

The trick is to play the games with the best casino games odds; that is, the casino games that give you the best chance of winning.

It’s important to work out the probabilities of success and the House edge. The best casino strategies always take into account the player chance of winning, the House chance of winning and how much should be staked on each bet.

We’ve researched casino games odds to launch a comparison into the best online casino games. Take a look at what we’ve found.

Out of all online gambling games, table games offer the best odds. In a real-life casino, players can sometimes be put off going up against other players and a dealer, but in the online world, this is less of a problem.

Online Blackjack

Online blackjack offers the best casino games odds. On average, the ‘house’ edge in online blackjack ranges from 2% down to as low as 0.5%.

This means that, particularly for experienced blackjack players, there’s little difference between the chances of the player winning and the dealer winning.

It does depend on what type of online blackjack. For example, there are differences between Classic Blackjack and European Blackjack, or Spanish 21 and Progressive Blackjack. Some of these differences give more of an edge to the dealer.

When you’re looking at the best casino strategies, make sure you know what variation of blackjack you’ve logged into. This will make it easier to judge where the value lies.


Second in our list is Baccarat. One of the lesser-known table games, it’s an underrated fixture in online casinos. It should certainly be considered as one of the best online casino games.

The house edge in Baccarat is generally thought to be just over 1%. It’s a particularly good game if you’re only looking to place small stakes too. The chances of you winning or the banker winning are generally even.


Our third online gambling game for the best casino odds is Craps. Craps is very popular in land casinos, and that popularity is sweeping online too.

On average, the House edge in Craps is considered to be 1.2%. With such a low edge for the House, you stand a good chance of earning a decent payout.

There are a variety of bets you can place in Craps. This tends to put many new players off. However complex this online gambling game may seem, it’s certainly worth learning the basics, if only for the relatively high probability of a return.

Online casino games with the lowest odds

Let’s be blunt. Slots offer the worst chance of a return than any other online casino game. Your chances of winning a jackpot prize, in particular, is incredibly small. So why are they so popular?

The simple fact is Slots are fun to play. Most online Slots only require an extremely small minimum stake, and there’s many you can play for free. There’s a lot more chance involved rather than skill, meaning the best casino strategies are best used elsewhere.

So if you’re looking to make some decent profit that relies more on skill than luck, head to the tables instead.

Online Gambling Tips

Online Casino Tips

If you’re looking to bet on online casino games, you’ll need a strategy. Some of the best casino strategies can be used on table games in particular. It’s vital you make yourself aware of online casino tips. These can help you protect your bankroll and profit from online gambling games. Plus picking the best casino games becomes a much easier task for you.

Assessing the casino games odds is important. If the House has a huge edge, it’s likely you’re going to lose much more than you win. Find the best casino games odds for a better chance of success. Follow the online casino tips and you will know what to do at all times.

You can find some of the best casino strategies online. Nothing, though, beats personal practice. Many of the best casino games have demo versions. These can be played for free and can help you learn the basics of your online gambling game and develop your own best casino strategies.

One of the popular online casino tips is to look around and research each casino. Some offer fantastic welcome bonuses. This means you could start playing some of the best casino games with either free stakes or free spins.