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The New Tropicana Casino App

Want to visit a casino anytime? Download the Tropicana Casino App and play wherever you go. Get access to casino games, offer and more.

The New Tropicana Casino App

Want to visit a casino anytime? Download the Tropicana Casino App and play wherever you go. Get access to casino games, offer and more.

Tropicana Casino App

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The Tropicana Casino has decided to throw its hat into the ring of new casino apps. The new Tropicana Casino App is hoping to be the best among those offered in the legal online casino arena. This app review breaks down how successfully they do it.

Tropicana online casino

Review of Tropicana Casino App

Tropicana Casino App Download the App
System Requirements iPhone (Apple) or Android (Google)
Features Ability to see list of current offers, the ability to check your balances as well as any Tier Points; make reservations for both hotels and nearby restaurants; you can use offers specifically made for app users
Real Money Gambling App Free games! This means that no actual money is exchanged
Games Available Classic games such as Tabel Games, Slots, Keno, Video Poker, Black Jack, Bingo
Tropicana Casino Promotions Each month will offer its own unique promotions, Promotions for App users only will be offered as well
Last Verified Sep, 2019

The Tropicana Casino App is a fully licensed online casino that does not use real money. The Tropicana free app gives you the opportunity to play your favorite casino games without having to actually risk anything!

Tropicana Casino Promotions

A How-To For Downloading the Tropicana Casino App

As it is with many apps, this app practically downloads itself. You can find it on the App Store (for iPhones) and the Google Play store (for Android). You can pretend like you are at the Tropicana for free with the Tropicana free app.

  1. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play, depending on the type of phone you have.
  2. Next, type in “Tropicana Advantage App” in the search window. Tropicana Casinos have multiple Tropicana Apps, so you must be certain you are downloading the one you want.
  3. Next, initiate your download.
  4. Let the app download. Then, let the software install.
  5. Now, you can initiate the app.
  6. You will now be ready to use The Tropicana Free App on your phone or tablet!

You must log in with your Tropicana Advantage Number and Pin or you can choose the option to Continue as a Guest.

Requirements for the Tropicana Casino App

At this time, the app is solely offered to iPhone users and Android users.

Android Requirements:

  • Android operating system 4.4 or later
  • 8.1 MB free on the device
  • Any Android device (tablet or phone) that fulfills the requirements

iPhone Requirements:

  • iPhone operating system iOS 8.0 or later
  • 27.7 MB free on the device
  • An Apple device that fulfills those needs. Sadly, the App is not accessible through a Mac computer at this time.

As it is a unique app because no real money is needed, the app can be accessed by customers of any age, with no requirement to be over 21 like with typical casino apps that use real money. It can be accessed throughout the United States.

But, the Tropicana AC Casino App, as its name suggests, has a stipulation that you be at least 21. You also have to be in New Jersey. When using the Tropicana Atlantic City Casino App, users are able to gamble in the online casino with real money.

If users have an account with the Tropicana Casino already, meaning the actual casino location or if you have an online account, you should be able to log in to the app with this account.

Tropicana Casino App Features

Tropicana Casino App Features

Now we are at the best part. The Tropicana App has many, many different things available. It tries to make your time using the app as simple as can be.

At the time you launch the app, it will require you to select the casino location of your choice. The casinos to choose from are:

  • Atlantic City
  • Baton Rouge*
  • Montbleu*
  • Evansville
  • Lumiere
  • Greenville
  • Laughlin*

*At this time, Laughlin, Baton Rouge, and Montbleu are in gray and are not able to be chosen.

Now that you have picked your casino, the app will require you to sign in with your Tropicana Advantage Number as well as your associated account Pin. Atlantic City is the location I picked, so the app prompted me for my Tropicana Atlantic City Advantage Club number. Users will have the option to continue as a guest as well. Keep in mind, that will leave you without full access to the features of the app.

A screen will appear listing these tabs:

  • Hotel
  • Dining
  • Casino
  • Amenities
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Nightlife

In addition, Atlantic City users are allowed to use the William Hill sportsbook when using the app.

There are other tabs listed at the bottom of the screen:
Offers, Account, Promos, Play Now and Home.

Casino: Gives you a look at the casino in your preferred city.

Hotel: You can book a room in the hotel in your preferred city.

Dining: Get an overview of the dining choices for the casino in your preferred city.

To make it even easier for their casino guests, the Tropicana App offers a look at dining that is separated into different categories: Casual Dining, Outdoor Dining, Fine Dining, In-Room Dining and Quick Bites. The subcategory you choose will lead you to the choices available in your preferred city.

Entertainment: Here you will find the shows and entertainment promotions available in your preferred city. In Atlantic City, the current choices listed are:

    • Comedy Show
    • Sake Sushi Spinning: Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
    • Escape AC
    • Bar Olon Entertainment: Friday & Saturday Nights
    • Primal Men Male Revue, Unleash the Wild: Every Saturday Night at Boogie Nights

Nightlife: A plethora of nightlife options are offered in this tab, all depending on your preferred city. There are also tabs for Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties at the end of the page.

Amenities: Any and all amenities for the casino in your preferred city are offered here such as spas, pools, gyms, beach & boardwalk (Atlantic City), golf (Atlantic City), as well as city attractions.

Shopping: Here you will find a plethora of stores, things like marketplaces, as well as galleries in your preferred city.

Free Games on the Tropicana Casino App

You may be wondering what games you will be able to enjoy when you use the app. And if you are budget conscious, you will probably be very excited to read about the Tropicana free games.

A fun feature of the Tropicana Casino App is the fact that the more users enjoy the games and play them, the more they will unlock in the app. This is a rewarding facet of the Tropicana App that should keep users coming back.

Free Games on the Tropicana Casino App

The Casino App currently offers these games listed below:

  • Slots: When you first download the app, users have access to the games Gems Wild Tiles and Boardwalk Slots. As you keep using these games more and more, you will unlock more games with hundreds of opportunities.
  • Blackjack: When you first download the app 3 Hand Blackjack will be offered to you. As with the other games, the more you play, the more you will Blackjack games you will unlock.
  • Video Poker: Video Poker options when you download the app are Jokers Wild and Bonus Poker in addition to those that can be unlocked.
  • Keno: This game will scratch the same itch as the original version.
  • Bingo: Young and old alike love Bingo and the traditional game is available on the app.

Promotions and Rewards in the Tropicana App

When you first open the website for the Tropicana Casino App, you will be greeted by a special promotion that comes on the screen and tells you to “get connected” to the Tropicana app world as well as to sign up for special promotions. Users will need to enter their email, as well as full name, email address, day of birth, and a Tropicana Advantage Access number, if you have one. This way you will be notified when promotions are happening in the app.

Tropicana Online Casino in New Jersey

As you know now, the Tropicana Online Casino has the enjoyment of a casino, all without any hit to your bank account. But, if you are in the state of New Jersey and you are 21 years old at least, you will be able to enjoy using the online casino to bet actual money. You can do this in the Tropicana Atlantic City Online Casino App. To register to use the app, you will be asked to give your full name, current address, your date of birth, and a part of your social security number.

Conclusion of the Tropicana Casino App Review

What We Like What We Don’t Like
All of the information offered for Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, and Recreation for each Tropicana Casino city The constant refreshing of the app, which forces the user to start over and pick the location many different times.
Games offered for free with the ability to unlock more Can’t see the promos available unless logged in
Feels like a real casino even though it’s an app

If you would like a quick peek of what a casino is really all about, The Tropicana Casino App would be a great tool for you. I believe a person who was actually traveling to any of the Tropicana Casinos would get the most out of it. It will give you a streamlined experience, for you can use it to reserve your room, make reservations at the restaurants you want to visit, choose activities to experience, see the games offered at the casino of your choice, and to see the amenities that may be available in your preferred city. It could be your best tool when planning your casino experience!