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At WSOP, get up to $1,000 when you sign up and make your first deposit. As a new player, the WSOP promo code will match your first deposit, so you start with double whatever you put in!

The NJ WSOP Promo Code 2019

WSOP Promo CodeGet My Bonus
Welcome Offer100% match bonus on up to $1,000
Free ChipsEvery 4 hours
WSOP AppiOS & Android
Last VerifiedSep 15, 2019

At World Series of Poker players can expect an array of new WSOP promo codes. These promotions consist of participating in the freeroll tournament as well as the opportunity to receive bonus cash accordingly. On top of all of this, there is the Rewards program. 

As the name suggests, the Rewards program involves existing players collecting points which they have accumulated and trade this in for bonus cash. Promo codes are useful when starting as they allow new players to kick start their journey. Depending on the promo code the player will receive some type of reward which can be used while playing poker on the website.  Here is a list of their incredible promotions which you may find useful.

WSOP Promo Code

WSOP Promo Code: Key Terms & Conditions

As with any promotion deals, players should familiarize themselves with the relevant terms and conditions. Here are some of the most essential T’s and C’s to look out for when using your WSOP promo code:

  • Match bonuses are limited to one per player
  • Match bonuses only apply to those players whose accounts are verified and where real money is being used. Minimum deposits of $10 is required in order to qualify for promotion code.
  • Players should use the promotion code within the stipulated time of making their deposit
  • Match bonus is allocated to players bonus account (separate from their actual account) and cannot be withdrawn unless it has incrementally been released into the players real money account
  • Match bonus is limited to $1000
  • Players must be 21 years or older in order to participate

How to Use the WSOP Promo Code

Loading and using your WSOP Promo code is a very simple proves that requires minimal effort but reaps some serious reward. The first step involves downloading the WSOP app or accessing your account via the desktop version. There should be a button which states “get chips”. Once you click on this, you will see another prompt which says “redeem’. You then enter your promo code and you are set.

Promotions & Bonuses at WSOP

Firstly, as a new player, you will be pleased to hear that WSOP has amazing welcome offers available for you. Deposit match bonus allows players to have their first deposit increased by 100%. This means that if your first deposit is $100, then your bonus deposit will be an extra $100, leaving you with a final amount of $200 to enjoy playing poker.  

The $100 freeroll promo gives players $100 free rolls in their first week with the only requirement being that they must deposit at least $10. Once awarded players will be allocated tickets to the freerolls tournament which occurs at various times of the day where they will be able to use their freerolls.

Connecting your WSOP account with your Facebook account when you sign up to enable you to play free online poker. Once you sign up in this way, you will receive an additional 15 000 free chips on top of those free chips which you get when signing up conventionally. Playing Texas Hold’em Omaha at WSOP will result in you getting free chips, WSOP rings and even more free ships whenever you refer a friend.

Game Types at WSOP

WSOP is definitely a leader in the NJ online poker scene. Of all the varieties of poker, you can find the most popular ones at WSOP including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Draw Games, 5-card draw, Lowball Draw, Badugi and Horse.

Below are the most popular variants of the game which can be found at WSOP:

Texas Hold’em

Each player receives a hand consisting of two cards. These two cards are given in a face-down position, following which players place their bets. The “flop” is then dealt which is followed by another round of betting. The ‘turn’ is then dealt, followed by another round of betting. Finally, the final card is shown known as the “river”. Now that players have seen the 5 cards they place their final bets. The two-card in their hand plus the five community cards shown on the table are used to make the highest possible hand. Hold’em poker allows players to go “all in” during any point of the game. This classic version of the game is without a doubt the most popular (and most exciting) way to play poker.


Each player receives a hand, consisting of 4 cards, in the face-down position. The game proceeds like Hold’em with 3 community cards being shown on the table. During the final round of betting, players use only two of their own face-down cards to form the strongest possible hand with the 3 community cards shown on the table.

Seven Card Stud

What distinguishes this version of poker from the two mentioned above is the fact that there is no community cards on the table. The game starts with players being dealt 3 cards (two face down and one face up) players’ place their bets and then 3 more cards are dealt in a face-up position. Between dealing these 3 cards, players place bets. On the 7th and final card, dealt in the face-down area, players place their last bets. Players then use 5 of the seven cards on the table to make the most substantial hand possible.

Draw Games 

Players receiving 5 cards. They are then given the opportunity to draw more cards from the deck while simultaneously placing bets. This occurs for a series of rounds until the final showdown where player’s hands are revealed to see who has the strongest hand.

Lowball Draw

The game essentially operates the same as traditional poker, except for the important fact that hand rankings are reversed with the player with the lowest hand winning. There are two ways of determining the lowest hand, The Kansas City Lowball and the California lowball. Lowball draw games can be played with no limit (which consists of one round of betting, a draw, followed by another round of betting and the final showdown) or with fixed limits (triple draw which consists of betting in between each draw).


This game is a variation to triple draw lowball. Badugi consists of two draws, with a round of betting in between each draw. What distinguishes Badugi from lowball draw is the hand rankings. In Badugi having more than one of the same cards acts against your favor with the best hand being A-2-3-4 of four different suits.

Mixed Games

Known by the acronym HORSE (Hold’em, Limit, Omaha, Razz, Stud and Stud Eight) involves a combination of the different types of poker.

At WSOP you will find cash games. Cash games have varying limits from as low as $0.01 to as high as $25. WSOP tournaments take place throughout the day and apply to different games with various buy ins. Their most popular tournaments are the super turbo, turbo, rebuy and satellite tournaments. Naturally, total winnings at the tournament depend largely on the number of participants. 

The biggest of these tournaments is, of course, the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas. Sit and Go games are not scheduled but rather start as soon as a set number of players have signed up to participate in the tournament. Keep an eye out for BLAST poker, a type of sit and go game, where the prize pool is predetermined. The prize pool can sometimes reach a whopping 10 000 x the buy in so be sure to keep an eye out!

Get the WSOP NJ App

Now you can play online poker directly from your mobile device, which makes life so much easier for those who are always on the go and can’t make it to behind a desktop. The WSOP NJ App is available on both Apple and Android. 

If you are an apple user, you can download the WSOP app directly from the app store, or if you prefer android, you can access the WSOP app from the Android Market store. Each version of WSOP NJ App is optimized for the platform that it is being played on so regardless of whether you use Apple or Android, you receive the same high-quality online poker experience. 

For those who wish to play on a bigger, yet conveniently portable, screen can access the WSOP app on the IPad which will run as if it was designed for that platform. What this means is that WSOP can literally be accessed using the WSOP App anywhere as long as you have a screen and an internet connection you are in business.


Download the WSOP App

Use the following steps to download the App on your mobile:

  1. Proceed to the app store on your mobile device
  2. Search for the WSOP NJ app
  3. Make sure that your phone has the necessary specs
  4. Hit the download button
  5. Once the app is downloaded enter your login details
  6. If you aren’t already a member, complete the signup process, followed by entering your WSOP promo code.
  7. You are now ready to enjoy online poker on the move!

WSOP Payment Options

One of the most important aspects of gambling online is that deposits and withdrawals should be made as easy and safe as possible. Given the fact that real money is up for grabs, players will be pleased to hear the WSOP ticks all the boxes when it comes to handling their customers hard earned (or won) cash.

Deposit Methods

First players must log into their account. If they wish to deposit money, click on “cashier”, and then select their preferred payment method. Once the amount is entered, the account details are entered followed by clicking deposit.

Deposits can be made using Caesars cage, Neteller, Visa and bank transfer. Once a deposit has been completed successfully the player will be notified via their email address provided. All deposits made on WSOP are extraordinarily safe and secure. This is because only the best SSL technology and the highest encryption protocols are used

Withdrawal Methods

The same method is used to withdraw funds as used when depositing funds. First, the player will log into their account. If they wish to withdraw money, they click on “cashier” and then select their preferred payment method. Once the amount is entered, the account details are entered and then the player will select withdraw.

Customer Service at WSOP

A good sign that you are dealing with a trustworthy online business is how professionally they deal with customer enquiries. Customer service at WSOP is top notch. Their customer service team is contactable at any time. Since they have customers in various time zones, it is essential that they are contactable most hours of the day. Thankfully at WSOP, they are always there whenever the need arises and tend to reply to all queries within 72 hours of receiving an email. For a more immediate form of customer interaction, they can also be contacted via telephone on 866-745-2385. 

Final Thoughts on the WSOP Promo Code

Once you begin your journey on WSOP, it will become clear why the website is considered the top poker destination worldwide. With over 5 million users from across the globe, WSOP has created somewhat of a loyal fan base that swears by the site.  Their promo codes are unbeatable and has more than likely been the reason for their worldwide success. 

It goes without saying that developing your strategy and skills will be the main reason you are successful at poker. Relying on promo codes alone will not be enough. However, when used in conjunction with a watertight strategy, it will see you quickly climb the ranks of the WSOP leaderboard.